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Using a Feeling Identification Chart to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Regardless of your age and personal experiences, feelings can be immensely powerful. And for many of us, they can be difficult to work through -- or even identify. That's especially true for children and teenagers. However, just about anyone can have difficulty figuring out their feelings.


The first step to learning how to deal with our emotions is to identify them correctly. That might sound like an easy task, but you might be surprised how difficult it can be. Even many adults struggle to accurately identify their feelings at any given moment. In some cases, it's simpler to cover up one emotion with another; in others, you might confuse what others might be feeling and make incorrect assumptions.


In order to decrease confusion and improve understanding, it's a good idea to use a visual tool like a feeling identification chart. Whether you're in the classroom, a counseling center, or your home, you can utilize our feeling identification chart to work through your emotions -- or to help someone else figure out how they're feeling.


What Is a Feeling Identification Chart?

Essentially, a feeling identification chart is an artistic yet realistic representation of the emotions we experience at any given moment. The illustrations featured on this type of chart represent a wide range of emotions, from the basic to the nuanced. By referring to a feeling identification chart, you can facilitate awareness pertaining to facial expressions, body language, emotional management, vocabulary improvement, and much more. Whether your aim is to improve empathy among a group of students or to help a child regain control over the strong emotions they feel, you'll have an effective tool for prompting discussion and widespread understanding.

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